PRF Administrative Board

The fund’s Administrative Board includes the ministers, vice-ministers or representatives of each sector, as follows:

  • Minister to the Prime Minister Office, Vice President of the National Committee for Rural Development and  Poverty Eradication, as Chair and Standing member,
  • A respected member of civil society, as vice Chair,
  • Vice Minister, Ministry of Finance, as member,
  • Vice President of the Committee for Planning and Investment, as member,
  • Vice-Governor of the Bank of Lao PDR; as member,
  • Vice-President of the Lao Front for National Construction; as member,
  • Vice-President of the Lao Women’s Union; as member,
  • Deputy Secretary General of the Lao Youth Executive Committee; as member,
  • Representative of Civil Societies, as member,
  • Vice-Governor of the targeted province, as member.

The PRF Administrative Board performs a number of important tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Setting policies and rules,
  • Endorsing PRF target Kum ban,
  • Review and endorse the yearly plan and budget,
  • Seeking additional resources to support the development program,
  • Monitoring of progress,
  • Establishing and improving procedures and systems,
  • Providing clarification to related government agencies regarding PRF.

The PRF Administrative Board normally meets on an annual basis in January or February each year. Within one month of that meeting, the Chairman of the PRF Administrative Board is responsible for organizing a meeting between designated PRF Administrative Board members, PRF Executive Director and designated PRF representatives, the donors and representatives from relevant ministries. During this meeting, the donors are informed of the decisions taken and strategic directions defined during the annual PRF Board meeting, of the achievements and issues faced during the previous year and of the objectives for the coming year. This meeting is the occasion for the participants to exchange views on PRF strategy and policies, implementation matters and poverty alleviation policies in Lao PDR.