Sub-project Coordination Meeting

Location: Government District Meeting Hall

Chairman: District Governor or vice-district Governor

Participants and External actors invited:

  • District Vice-Governor;
  • District representatives of NLCRDPE;
  • Concerned technical staff from district offices;
  • PRF district team and Kum ban Facilitators;
  • Kum ban Committee;
  • Kum ban Team (all members);
  • Village Implementation and Maintenance Teams, Village Representatives and Heads of villages (only villages whose sub-projects were selected);
  • Construction companies selected to implement selected sub-projects.


  • Clarify and formalize responsibilities and assign specific tasks to key stakeholders from District Government, private sector (contractors) and Kum ban Authorities involved in the sub-project implementation;
  • Prepare overall Kum ban-level work plan and related budget (for sub-project implementation and supervision).

Expected outcomes:

  • Coordination arrangement and roles of all major stakeholders understood;
  • Implementation work plan and related budget prepared. Activities and responsibilities:
  • Review list of the sub-project selections and locations;
  • Introduction and presentation of contractors;
  • Presentation and approval of the work plans for sub-project construction;
  • Preparation of the supervision plan and schedule for the concerned district sectors and the Kum ban and village implementation team with related budget;
  • Confirmation of the role and responsibilities of the key persons involved during the sub-project implementation;
  • Agreement on coordination arrangements;
  • Set schedule for the accountability meeting.

Duration: 1 day

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