The implementation of the LUFSIP Component 3a since October to December 2012 Result

Posting Date: 
05 Sep 2013

The implementation of the Lao Uplands Food Security Improvement Project

Component 3a since October to December 2012 Result

In the last three months end of the year 2012, the poverty reduction fund is continuing to complete its 90 sub-projects for the procurement task. In the same time, 51 sub-projects have been constructing, be completed 10 sub-projects, 41 sub-projects are on progressing. Those 90 sub-projects will be completed construction in the end of February 2013 follow up sub-project construction schedule.

90 sub-projects have divided in two main sectors as public work and agriculture based on rural agriculture infrastructure. The sub-projects will be constructing  involve:  16 new road, 3 new bridges, 14 new irrigations, 14 rehabilitation irrigations, 16 new weirs, 5 rehabilitation weirs, 1 new convert, 1 new biogas plant, 1 new low voltage grid and transformation, 17 new animal fences and 2 fish ponds. These sub-projects locate in 15 districts of four provinces such: Huaphan 46 sp, Xiengkuang 8sp, Luangnamtha 18 sp and Savanaketh province 18 sp. Communities from these four province will get the benefit is 125 villages, 9,561 households and 21,741 females.

Initial, within the rural agriculture infrastructure sub-projects construction implementation plan, PRF had set some activities related to sub-projects has had reported on annual plan report in August 2012. These activities need to train to communities to be sure that they are able to manage themselves on protecting their local environment, sub-project maintenance and increase income generation. The budget of related activities  is around 500 – 1,200 US dollars has provided into the sub-project budget to be one packet and the training  activities will start conducting after money transfer to Khumban account. The concerning sectors have to prepare their training proposal for each topic and payment detail to PRF for approval. The related activities include: environmental impact, forest conservation, fish conservation, watershed conservation, forage plantation, animal mineral production and animal vaccination training.

After surveying, drawing and bill of quantity processing of the 90 sub-project priorities have been completed. It seem that, the real cost of 90 sub-projects is almost reach the total budget that have been set 1.5 million US dollars (the last among will be spent in year 2012-2013 of component 3a in total 3.73 million US dollars). In other hand, PRF staffs in