District evaluation meeting

This meeting provides an opportunity for all stakeholders, particularly district government authorities, NLCRDPE and the PRF to share difficulties faced during previous implementation cycle and draw lessons. It also encourages participants to discuss and develop new ways to overcome any issues that might hamper PRF’s success. During this meeting, the Kum ban facilitators will also presents the outcomes of the Kum ban Final Accountability Meeting.

Government District Meeting Hall

District Governor or vice-governor.

Participants and External Actors invited:

  • PRF Provincial and District Teams and KB Facilitators;
  • PRF National Team members (if available);
  • Kum ban representatives;
  • Government of Lao PDR Provincial and District Coordinators;
  • District Governor and/or Vice-Governor;
  • Provincial and District representatives of NLCRDPE;
  • Representatives from the District Offices of all relevant line ministries;
  • Representatives of Kum ban Committee;
  • All concerned NGOs and other projects working in the district;
  • Media representatives;
  • Representatives of Mass-based Organizations (district level);
  • Elders and most respected persons of the district.


  • Review and evaluate PRF activities in the district during the last funding cycle;
  • Report and disseminate outcomes of the past funding cycle;
  • Formally hand over all completed infrastructures to Kum bans.

Expected outcomes:

  • Key information on PRF publicly shared;
  • District annual report presented and endorsed by all stakeholders;
  • Completed sub-projects officially handed over to communities and completion certificates given.

Activities and responsibilities:

  • Presentation by each Kum ban Team of summary of activities, funds spent and lessons learned;
  • Presentation of the annual financial report (prepared by PRF District Coordinator) to all stakeholders including PRF and community contributions and the use of the sub-project management and technical supervision budget (5% of total sub-project budget);
  • Discussions about overall performance (including respect of some of the key development indicators) and about sub-projects which were not completed (reasons and lessons learnt);
  • Presentation by District Feedback and Resolution Committee of issues arisen and actions taken so far;
  • Presentation of a summary of the findings of Beneficiaries Assessment and/or Technical Assessment which took place during the previous cycle (Executive summary of national report and specific lists of findings when assessment teams visited the district);
  • Discussions and response to all questions raised by stakeholders;
  • Congratulate the Kum ban Teams which have successfully completed sub-projects by formally handing over the sub-projects and giving out of completion certificates;
  • Endorsement of the report.

1-2 days

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